Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Week Catch Up~

Our school week began with EK taking her state required standardized testing~
and she did great... thankful it is all done!

Tuesday evening we took a ride out on the boat and happened upon a snapping turtle~
Wednesday I pulled a couple of things to read about turtles 
and we watched Tortoise and the Hare on Reading Rainbow.
That's all it took for the 6 animal lovers to pull out every single thing we had about turtles.

 We spent the rest of the morning reading everything they found~

 I printed a photo for each and we recorded facts about turtles~
 Read a great article this week about schooling boys and it suggested they stand to work~
They really loved it!!!
Lastly, we have two new pet caterpillars and we will watch their transformation~
as we read our new Handbook of Nature Study.
Life cycles are so fun!!!

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