Monday, April 20, 2015

Ducks, Ducks, Ducks~ {Make Way for Ducklings}

This week are rowing Make Way for Ducklings and I also read The Little Wild Ducklings~
Kids were SO excited to see the Caldecott Medal on the front of the book
and matched the author, Robery McCloskey, with other books we have read like
Blueberries for Sal and Lentil!

We all made so many connections with the story and loved every single illustration.
We took turns retelling (narrating) the story afterwards and I used our new white board
to write the title so everyone could copy it in their journals.
(First time the boys have copied from a board and they did great!)~
Safari led us to the park where the ducks lived and we printed a photo of the statues there
as well as a favorite illustration which we watercolored.

by Laura Grace Weldon
and today I read this quote:
"Any form of education that treats the brain apart from the body will ultimately fail. Our senses cannot be denied. They inform the mind and encode memory. We must see, hear, smell, touch and, yes, taste to form the kinds of complex associations that make up true understanding. We humans are direct “hands-on” learners."
And we needed to get our "hands-on" going!

After reading all about ducks, we HAD to take a stroll to the lake to look for our own family of mallards that live in our cove.
On the way, we played in a mud puddle, checked the skimmer~
 Loved on our vegetable and flower gardens~
Then made our way down the path to the lake and our dock.
The ducks were no where to be found but we DID find adorable little tadpoles and turtles~
 Everyone dug in the mud, held tadpoles and turtles, waded out to the dock,
and sat in the boat~
Meet our newest family pets~
7 little tadpoles right beside our 2 caterpillars and life cycles just became "hands-on"!!!
Today was just one of those days when life was really good!

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