Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Catch Up~

It's been a crazy week and by the time evening rolled around, I just didn't pick up my computer to blog... thus nothing blogged.

SO the big Friday Catch Up~
Sunday evening we took a little ride out in the boat and captured these shots~

Monday and Tuesday found Ella and I testing since she is finishing third grade~
while the other kids played at my parents' house. She did GREAT!

Wednesday we had a great day of school~

and little bit of sun which we took full advantage of at the pool~

Thursday we traveled into Atlanta for Payne's SB Clinic~
 And he was deemed perfect from all four of his specialists! Very thankful!

This morning began with Holly reading a fav book around here~

All week EK has suffered with a very sore loose tooth and we could not get it out so
the team stood by her this am as our dentist pulled it ~
Brave Ella is back home spending the day with Hermie who mysteriously appeared on her bed while we were out!
Happy Tooth Day EK!!!!!
Looking forward to a great weekend!


  1. Looks like a blessed Friday!!!! Yall are enjoying the boat!!!! Fun!!! And so glad Payne is doing great.

  2. Lots of stuff going on! I got tired just reading it. :) Glad Payne and EK did well, and loved your beautiful pictures! Thankful for all healthy children!


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