Tuesday, March 10, 2015

We Love History~

I'm afraid to say we have taken 2 years to finish 
We LOVED it and HIGHLY recommend!!!

The books were amazing and really helped us BE in the moment 
with the historical characters.
I'm pretty sure Buffalo Bill will always be a favorite with EK and the boys...
horses and pony express and stage coaches. :)

We are really sad to be done with it and now it's time to choose our next path.
So many choices...

SO much to think about.

Anyone have experiences with any of these curriculums
or maybe other suggestions?

Thank you for any thoughts.
{PS. We will not be adding anything new until Fall so I have time.}


  1. Sharon, We have used My Father's World for years and years.....and I LOVE, love, love Exploring Countries and Cultures - it is by far their best one. You would easily be able to incorporate all six kiddos with this curriculum. I have used it in years when I had a kindergartener and a sixth grader at the same time. Definitely worth looking into for you all! If we lived closer, I would loan you ours....and, well, we would be wearing shorts in March too ;0)
    Blessings, Stephanie

  2. Boys are loving their study too with BF. You'll have to do the American History Internediate when the girls get a bit bigger. The books are good too!!!! Corbin loves the primary one. We enjoyed the MFW countries and cultures and I agree I think it is their best one. The downside was having to do science everyday. Because I am a big history read aloud mama. Other than that I liked it. I have looked at the history of science BF looks good and the History of music. Also the geography BF guides are so fun. Paddle to the sea will always be one of our favorites.

  3. We used Beautiful Feets Character Studies and loved it!


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