Monday, March 9, 2015

10 Ways we Enjoy a Good Day in our Homeschooling Life~

NO! Our days are not always good and perfect but some are pretty close.
And not because everyone does everything I want them to do.

10 ways we set up for a Good Homeschooling Day...

1. Chill with the start time
Today we were a little late starting due to the time change but I was okay with that. They slept later and that gave me more ME time. Breakfast and learning began later but it didn't ruin our day. We just went with it and started a little at a time.

2. Morning Group Time
Get everyone together for Bible story, scripture memory, calendar, and maybe youtube videos~
{The videos we love are Kidspring and Nature}

3. Keep Materials used with ALL kids in One Basket:
 I keep all reading materials together in one basket and pull the ones I need as we read.

4. Work with Youngest to the Oldest
I have found reading to the bitty girls and offering an activity for them is the best way to get them schooled. They are not ready to be independent so I get them started then pull the next thing~

5. Establish a Routine that helps the Older Ones Work Independently
As I am working with younger children, the older ones are working independently (in or out)

6. Once Younger Children are Busy, Focus on Older: 
Most mornings I have everyone write about something in their journals. On Mondays we write weekend news (something that was fun over the weekend they always want to remember)~

7. Allow them to Choose Where they want to Work
Our work is pretty mobile so they can go anywhere they want. I am the hub and they usually gather around me. Today EK chose to work out in the garage with Sadie~
 (And before someone goes off on me because Sadie is in her house,
EK got her out many times and let her run wild and free!!!)

8. Set up activities and spaces for the little ones to move toward:
(and with my two little ones, they go from school activities to their room to play
 and that is completely fine!)~

9.  Allow the older one to read to the younger ones especially when I'm needed elsewhere:
EK is often my helper reader for FIAR when I am finishing up with the little ones. Having a plan for what I will do with older kids is important. EK can even see my plans and implement if I need her to~

10. Be available to work with other kids when their time comes: 
EK and SJ can work the longest independently and have the most independent activities so I work with the boys next of reading~
 Then EK and SJ~
Our day usually ends with reading History or Science  
as well as a chapter book we are enjoying.

I hope this gives a little insight into what helps us have
a Good Homeschooling Life!


  1. Sharon, I haven't taken the time to comment it has been crazy busy here, but I still love reading your blogs and seeing your beautiful family! This is a great post about your school day - thanks for sharing! I am winging it with FIAR, but hope to buy the curriculum sometime, because we love it!

    1. Thank you for your kind feedback. It helps to know someone gets what we do and maybe I can encourage in some way. I have a big FIAR post coming on Friday. Blessings to you and yours!!!


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