Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Before Five in a Row~ {Bitty Girls}... Jesse Bear

I decided to start Before Five in a Row with the bitty girls and I'm so glad I did...
they are not the only ones to be enjoying it.

This week we rowed Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?

I talked HERE about teaching youngest to the oldest and the last two weeks have given me another reason everyone benefits from this... they ALL want to hear the story whether they admit it or not. :)

The first day I read it to the bitty girls and everyone else was busy with their own work but it wasn't long before SJ asked to read it to us~
 Evie and Holly listened every time someone read to them and even began to pick up on the sequence and rhymes. Our first activity was taking a photo, printing it, and attaching their hand to a bear body~
 They sang the rhyme... Evie Bear, What will you wear? What will you wear today? They each took a turn to describe everything they were wearing and we shared our journals with everyone~

Another day we read the story and they worked on their new Melissa and Doug puzzle that really works on fine motor skills with clothing. I also let them go up and choose anything they wanted to wear~

One of the pages in the book is about playing in the sand box. We had just cleaned and refilled our sandbox so we copied the book page as well as them playing in their sandbox then wrote our words~

SJ read to them again while they cut and glued healthy foods onto Jesse Bear's plate~

Evie noticed on one of the pages Jesse Bear had a little animal like her's so she brought it down. She and Holly also loved dressing their bear family and telling where they were going~

Some days the bitty girls would wander off to their room and others, they wanted to do what we were doing. Just look what Evie wrote all by herself so her page would look like the big girls~

The girls really enjoyed catching on to rhyming words so I printed the rhymes from HERE and as I read to them, they picked them up and glued into their journals~
The girls loved this book SO much they just about wore it out so I ordered a board book version... I SHOULD have ordered TWO!!! :)

A great couple of weeks rowing and will be sad to move on.

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