Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Pair of Red Clogs~ {FIAR}

We have been rowing A Pair of Red Clogs for the past two weeks and it has been hard to keep everything to one post. It has been a fun row and would really like to keep going. :)

The best part of this row was constantly comparing Japan to China to America. Any time we begin a new book in another part of the world, we go to the globe. We played spin the globe and everyone took a turn finding Japan. Then we went to the wall map to trace a trip to Japan. It was fun to discuss travel with the little kids~

One of our favorite parts of the story was a weather telling game played with clogs. We played with our slippers, recorded our data, and discussed our results~

When I was a little girl, my grandparents visited Japan and brought back all kinds of treasures. One of the most beautiful was this Japanese kimono~
 The girls loved trying it on and SJ taught Evie how to tie the obi~
 Good job Evie!!! Love all the smiles~

I had the boys pull out all the long blocks and I added ribbon to them so we could pretend wearing wooden clogs~
 I was surprised how well them were able to walk in them so we found a traditional dance video and we tried dancing in them~
 The boys pretended they were playing big Japanese Taiko drums~

I had a few Japan books so we read them on alternate days. We read Yoko's Paper Cranes and painted our own beautiful origami paper~
 We did our painting right after breakfast so it could be drying while we read the story. We also brewed some tea since the grandmother in the story drank tea~
 Tea and stories go so well together. We watched a tutorial for folding our own paper cranes and it was way harder than it looked. I pretty much folded 6 of them~ :)
 Everyone was proud of their diligence once they were hung in the sunroom~

Another alternate book was I Live in Tokyo. The carp kites caught our eye and we had to make them. I pulled a fish pattern and we traced onto thick white paper. We cut out two and painted both outside in the warm weather~
 SO happy to be back outside schooling. All the fish needed drying time so~
 We splurged on happy meals and had a picnic~
 We stuffed our fish and stapled a ribbon then it was time to try them out~

 Can't imagine a more wonderful childhood~
Running around in the front yard free as the wind!!!

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  1. So sweet glad you posted. Can't wait to row that book. We rowed Daniels Duck this past week. Since it was a winter/spring book. Started our journals too 😉


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