Friday, January 16, 2015

Fun Friday~ {It's A ZOO Around Here!}

Earlier this week EK and SJ took one little section in our Apologia Science book
and went ZOO wild with it.
They immediately began making zoo keepers and visitors.
Their dad took them to Walmart for supplies and found a board to build on
and Today they created All! Day! Long!
They collected all the animals they could find in their room,
built all the exhibits, copied info about all the animals~
 and BOOM... their own Zoo~
 A few closeup photos of each area complete with signs and info boards~

I had them give me a tour while I videoed and think they did amazingly well~

The other kiddos ran back and forth checking out the progress
then back to their Fun Friday activities...
Listening to stories, making amazing Art projects~

 Playing with the Kinetic Sand which we LOVE!!!~
Turned out to be one of the best Fun Fridays ever!!!

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