Sunday, January 18, 2015

Ben Curtis Weekend~

We were thrilled to get a call from Savannah Friday
asking if BC could spend the night with us~
 Turning our usual nothing going on weekend to Ben Curtis Weekend {YAY}~
 He was all over the place crawling, pulling up, and standing alone~
A short video of him in action and just on the verge of walking~
He was mesmerized by the pendulum on the clock!!!
 We all chased him like cray crays in love~
 He is definitely well cared for~
 Mealtimes and bedtime seemed to be WAY more fun~
I wish I had a photo of his face when his mom and dad walked in Sunday...
Memommy came down for a visit~
 And I soaked in all the Grandlove I could on this visit~
 We love and adore you Ben Curtis and can't wait for our next time!!!

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