Monday, August 4, 2014

The Story of Ping {FIAR}

Not going to lie... no one was feeling school today
so you've heard the saying
Fake it until you Make it???
We decided a walk was what we all needed
and came back to a very fun morning of The Story of Ping~
 Before reading the story I had EK help me paint hands to make duck puppets.
She did the painting and I placed the hands.
 Always so fun to see their faces as we tickle their hands with paint.
{especially Holly! she was amazed!}
We cut the details, added a wiggly eye, and feathers then cut a mitt puppet to glue it all too.
The next part was a little babish for EK and SJ but they were good sports helping me with a song~
Let them act out the song with their puppets.
The young 4 LOVED it!

EK and SJ will be collecting duck facts this week and making a non fiction book to share with us.
We also began a chapter book read along Little Pear~
Everyone listened and I had EK/SJ sketch drawings in their journals for first two chapters.
They will also write their thoughts for each chapter as well.
A good start to our first school week in August!!!

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