Monday, August 4, 2014

Weekend Fun~

It was so wonderful to have Amelia home this weekend with Rosie.
They along with their sweet boys were in and out and we loved it.
The biggest news was for Rosie.
She and the other bigs have all driven a little red jeep that used to be Scott's until they graduated high school.
Saturday morning up bright and early she and her dad headed to the car dealership for a big surprise~
Stopped by to see Nana and BC on the way home then made it back around noon!
SO happy for baby original and her well deserved new car.

Sunday was a huge day at NewSpring Church and we all received new tshirts~
Go HERE to read how the NewSpring story starts with the Tomb!!!

The afternoon's fun was a cornhole tournament with the bigs~
In which... Scott and I beat the pants off them. haha
This morning the littles could be found cleaning up from a weekend of play...
organizing the play garage and WP rolling the garbage can back down the drive for his dad.
Some have servant hearts and others are learning.
Aren't we all?!?!?


  1. A new ride is so FUN...I'm just so amazed that red jeep has lasted all these years. What a fun family memory :-)


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