Friday, August 1, 2014

Liitles and Love~

With the addition of a new child comes lots of opportunities to learn
and I don't just mean for HollyMei.
Everyone is figuring out this new normal we are living
{including the parents}.

~Bitty girls are learning to share their room and the toys~
~Evie tried out SJ's patch
~ Bitties after nap waiting for me to get up
~Evie taking the 'little' sister thing a little too far... doll baby HM 

HollyMei is learning what love is...
she crawled up in my lap and wrapped her arms around my neck.
I said I love you, Wo Ai Ni and she said Wo Ai Ni back
then gave me a big kiss right on the lips~
~Boys are taking the role of big brothers pretty seriously too.
They take really good care of them and even hold them when they need some attention.
Littles and Love seem to be going pretty well!!!

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