Monday, June 30, 2014

Two Weeks w/ HollyMei~

Two weeks ago God blessed us with the 9th beautiful blessing in our family~
HollyMei Qiuhan Ankerich
The look in her eyes is heartbreaking... NO idea what was happening to her.

How are things going now?
Better everyday!

We have seen huge growth in trust through attachment and bonding.
There is a twinkle in her eye and she is feeling the love of her family.
The first couple of days home she was a ball of nerves especially when it was time to rest or sleep.
She is sleeping a 2 hour nap plus 12-14 hour nights... huge for her health and overall good~
She is bonding sweetly to all her sibs... big and little.
She calls for baba and mama when she needs us or just because.
She does exactly what Evie does and usually that is good.
She is understanding more and more English.
She laughs and laughs when we repeat her Chinese phrases.

The boys have taken her under their wing just like they have Evie.
A one to one ratio is working out great!!! :)
Today it just felt right to get back in a some sort of routine.
Everyone up about 8 and breakfast right away.
Next chores and back to sunroom for the short version of school.
Holly joined right in and everything went great.
We went out about 11 for a walk but the rain cut it short so we came in for a little PBS.
Lunch and NAP time~
Is there anything sweeter than sleeping children?
Well other than them snuggled up in your lap?
Off to the pool when they wake up...
if the rain holds off.
Thankful to be home with our Holly baby!!!


  1. It just shows you that she was so meant for your family. She fits in perfectly! It seems like she is adjusting a lot faster than Evie did!

  2. These photos are so sweet they made me cry! Praising the Lord with you!

  3. You are amazing and I adore following along with your beautiful family.

  4. glad you are home safe and sound. just where you want to be.


  5. This is perfection!! Holly Mei couldn't be more perfect for your family!

  6. I was recently introduced to your blog through a friend. I have loved reading through your posts. I have been so encouraged and blessed by your journey. I have a sweet little TOF baby from Guangzhou. We have been home 2 1/2 yrs and are finishing our dossier to go back. Thank you so much for sharing your story and congratulations on bringing home sweet Holly Mei!! Blessings! (And I would love to know where one buys the colorful beach buckets with wheels!!!! Pure Genius!!!)

  7. Happy Holly Mei!!!!!!! So glad you listened to God and the blessing he gave you in her. LOVE from TEXAS

  8. Just perfectly, sweetly, beautiful!! Already forgot what your life was like without her :) Blessings & Love


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