Monday, July 14, 2014

HollyMei~ {4 Weeks Forever}

Four weeks looks so good on this beautiful girl.
These photos show a good sampling of her personality...
loving, funny, serious, sweet, and sometimes loud~
 She's come so far and learning so well.
She still has her moments of grief when she lies on the floor and rubs her shirt on her lips.
She comes to find us as soon as she wakes up and climbs right up to snuggle.
She definitely likes us all to be together...
NOT a fan of her daddy leaving her behind and cries deeply for him.
Love how much she already gets a father's love... beautiful!

This particular afternoon WP started a big kissing epidemic and that's all it took~ 
Crazy kids is all I can say...
crazy in love in this crazy Forever Family!!!
Happy 4 Weeks HollyMei!
We ADORE you!!!


  1. Looks like she gets along really well with the littles! God bless her and your family as the weeks continue. :)

  2. Oh I see a wonderful personality emerging!! HAPPY 4WEEKS and HAPPY 4EVER and EVER HollyMei!!!

  3. Crazy! Doesn't seem possible that 4 weeks have gone by! So happy for you guys!

  4. Definitely a God thing! Love!

  5. Lovin' it ALL & those dimples are adorable! :-) Happy 4 Weeks!


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