Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Another Dr's Appt~ {SJ}

Today was SJ's day for a follow up eye appt and we found out she would need to patch one eye for 2 hours each day~
Not what she wanted to hear but it is only for 3 months and we go back for a recheck.
Hoping for the best.

And you know we had to stop by to see BC~
{photo shot by Amelia}
 Evie and her REAL baby~

After our visit we headed home for some playtime~
Holly really can't ride anything alone so she was SO happy to be riding around with Will~

Look who climbed on a float all by herself~
AND Look who jumped off the diving board for the 1st time~


  1. I'm loving these little movie clips!!! Good to see the kids "LIVE AND IN ACTION"!! Look at HM!!! YOU GO GIRL!! PC is also a GREAT LITTLE SWIMMER!!!

    PS I couldn't help but notice...but is that FALL FOLIAGE ALREADY!! It's only JULY!!!

  2. How could I forget to mention SJ!! I think she would be BEAUTIFUL STILL (patched or unpatched)!!

  3. We have to patch our little guy two hours a day, too :) We get cute patches online from http://www.myipatches.com

  4. Well go EC!!! That's awesome!! Your kids are such water bugs!! :) Hope SJ's eye is going to get better!!


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