Monday, July 14, 2014

Writing with Bigger 2 and Bitty 2~

Today I introduced a fun way for kids to write when they just think they are having fun.
I used this when I taught school and got awesome results...
Talk To Me journals~
Simply a little journal I bought at Target in which I wrote a short note to EK and SJ.
I ended with a question for them to answer in some way.
They had lots of questions about how much they had to write and I
 assured them there was NO expectations... write what you want.
I will write back each night and have waiting for them at morning breakfast spot.
2 things: great keepsake and one way to get them writing!!!

NEW for Bitty Girls today~
I found ABC stickers on the $1 spot @ Target and today after the girls worked on their name, plus making something with a circle~
I cut one line of letters off a sheet and wrote them on their page.
They had to match letter to letter.
I did the same with the boys...
they had to match two lines of letters and name them plus give me the sound.
Everyone loved it!


  1. Love the journal idea!!! I'm gonna try that!

  2. Used to love the journal exchange with my students. Great reminder!


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