Saturday, June 28, 2014

Fighting Jet Lag~

There are lots of hard things about adoption...
the wait, the travel {long flights}, reentry home, jet lag, etc.

Not sleeping much during the night and getting up with the girls then a super early day (4 or 5am) 
makes for a very long day in which you just want to close your eyes!

For the first time in all of our trips we are napping about 2 hours in the middle of the day which helps the afternoons.
We are trying to make it to 9 each night and doing pretty well.
We are thankful to have the pool for a diversion~
HollyMei LOVES bath time so we thought she might love the pool too and we were right~
 The bigs were awesome getting in with everyone~
Being outside as much as possible helps everyone!
We loved having our first meal together and even got all the littles around the bar together.
Thanks to Chris and Marcia for cooking!!!~
Evie is waking up before Holly so today she did a little painting~
And Holly ended up sleeping a 14 hour night (8pm-10am)~
Daddy got in the pool today~
NOW it's time for bed... thank goodness!!!
We may be jet lagged but HOME is a great place to be!!!

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  1. So wonderful to see your family together and enjoying time at the pool! Wishing you much happiness and love as you continue to settle in.


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