Friday, June 27, 2014

Our Homecoming~ {Prayer is Power Filled}

We began our journey home Wednesday afternoon in China on a van headed to Hong Kong~
And after an almost 4 hour ride of whipping in and out, curving, and breaking with a long wait through customs...
Scott was SO sick when we reached the Marriott near airport.
I mentioned it on IG that went to FB 
and the prayers starting pouring in...
Prayer is Power Filled because no sooner had we gotten to the room 
and he was sick than he began to feel better then sleep.
Thursday morning we were up @ 5 headed to airport for 4 hour flight to Tokyo, 2 hour layover, then 13 hour flight to Atlanta.
We went from 4 to 12 people with NO complications at all.
Flights were pretty smooth and the girls slept more than they were awake. 
Praise the Lord!!!
The best journey home we have ever had. 
We were SO thankful!

Flight got in just a little late and our immigration wait was long but all worth it when we rounded the corner 
and was met by family and friends waiting to welcome us home!
I have to thank Kelleyn for shooting all these beautiful photos!!!
Memories we will always cherish~

We can't thank Lifeline enough for the support through the long wait, during our travel, and when we return~
Our family is finally reunited and we couldn't be MORE thankful!!!
HollyMei is a dream come true and more precious than she even appears.
Thank You Jesus for our family... we couldn't be more blessed!!!


  1. Welcome home! What a beautiful family! I look forward to watching Holly blossom - what a gem!

  2. Welcome Home! It was a true pleasure to be in the presense of your family!

  3. So thankful we have Prayer & the ONE who answers those prayers on our side! So glad to see you home with all your love! Such great pics! The one with your mom brought tears to my eyes cry. You are Blessed. I'm thinking EK was SO GLAD to see you & may be hanging close by the next few days! Holly is beyond words precious! Glad it's summer this time around & you can enjoy a few weeks of long, lazy, pool & playing days just taking it slow & easy!

  4. welcome home ankerich family. welcome home. what a privilege it has been to watch you and scott listen to God's call on your hearts for adoption. your family is amazing. your parenting is Godly. your teaching the world what truly God's heart is all about. i consider my role at lifeline as a huge blessing and your the icing on the cake. XO XO XO

  5. Amazing, amazing, amazing! So love your precious family! Praying as Holly Mei adjusts to her new normal!!!

  6. What an amazingly beautiful story! Welcome home to HollyMei!! I hope you guys have a wonderful time getting settled into a new routine. Can't wait to read more. You are truly an inspiration.

  7. Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!! It has been both a job and utter privilege to travel afar "virtually" and home again. May your reentry be a fast and uneventful!


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