Friday, June 20, 2014

Choosing Joy and Counting Blessings~

Today began with a few tears as Holly woke to find she was still with us but after potty and turning on the tv, she began to play with Evie and all was well with the world. 

Down for breakfast and we all made plates to eat together... BIG improvement!!!

Today was our travel day so nothing planned but hanging out... Holly decided Dad was pretty cool too~

It was a beautiful day with no smog so we did lots of walking to keep the bitties happy~

Down long stretches of sidewalks and through parks~
and it was HOT~

This photo was just sweet because Evie is constantly taking care of Holly as if she is a baby... wiping her messy hands~

Around 2 we piled into the van for the flight NO ONE wants when traveling with little ones much less as an adult~

We made it to the airport in plenty of time and THEN it was time to go through security.
IF you think security in an American airport is scary, try China.
They come at you with the wands and check every single part of your body.
I go through first and little girls follow. They have me stand up on  a box with my hands stretched out.
Evie's eyes are big as saucers and LOL now Scott is on a box and Holly is walking back and forth through the security door making the alarms go off.
THEN the officers want to frisk Evie... did you hear on American soil?
Ummm yes, she screamed so loud she scared the scary officer and she just let us go.

Maybe you have wondered why we have the girls in the stroller instead of carriers... this is where they feel the safest... both strapped in we moved onto the hottest area in the airport to wait but we found chips and diet coke... made the wait happier!!!

SO we then have to load onto an overcrowed bus with two kids, two backpacks, a carryon, and the big stroller... to ride all the way around the airport, get off to climb up the stairs with all that into a loaded plane~

This is probably the happiest we would be the whole trip because between the girls one of them cried pretty much the whole way but what could you expect...

we sat in the plane on the tarmac for an hour, flew for two and half hours to find a huge storm in Gaungzhou and hover for another hour!

Think it can't get any worse??? ummm we had to load another overcrowed bus with all our stuff and two overtired girls to ride around the whole airport and get off and find our bags.

Choosing JOY...
~ we found our bags and stroller
~ our sweet guide was waiting for us
~ made it to hotel and had girls in bed by 10:30
~ all got a good night's sleep
~ HUGE step closer to home

Today is our 28th anniversary and we are off to the medical exam for Holly.
Won't that be fun??? haha
Choosing JOY!!!

Scripture from a sweet friend~
Psalm 77:14... You are the God Who works wonders!


  1. you amaze me! I will make that my motto this weekend.


  2. Happy Anniversary and I hope medical goes well for yall. The girls look like the Best of Friends already. We spent the day swimming and tubing on the lake and Cora had a ball. a week almost home makes such a difference.

  3. Oh my! Those airplane trips are some kind of trips, aren't they! I like that you are choosing "Joy" instead!! Still sending you hugs across the miles.

  4. Happy Anniversary! I am so sorry ya'll had such a horrible experience and pray the one home will go much better. Evie sure doesn't look jealous. The girls are just too cute.

  5. Happy anniversary! The girls are darling. So glad you don't have anymore flights for a few days. Hugs across the miles!

  6. Happy Anniversary!! Got to Love (???) those in country flights! (sure makes for a memory) The two of you ROCK though handling it all with grace and patience and choosing JOY. Treasure the last few days, you'll be home soon :-)


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