Thursday, June 19, 2014

Camp Ankerich~

There in NO way we could be here bringing Holly home if we didn't have amazing people loving our littles.
My mom, the bigs, and now my sister/kids coming today have been there to meet every single need!
I can't even start to than them... just a picture of Christ's love!
Today two of my friends came over for Camp Ankerich... thank you Melissa and Jennifer!!!!!
Here are some photos from their awesome day~

The smiles on their faces means the world to me!!!
I'm SO blessed and thankful for LOVE showered on my kids when I can't be there to do it myself.
My dropbox is not working or I would post pics of things they are doing with my mom and bigs!
Love you all and be home in 7 DAYS!!! YAY!!!!

Travel day for us to Guangzhou... final leg of our journey and the girls are ready!!!
A great start to this beautiful Friday!!!!!


  1. Looks like the children are all having a fantastic time! Yay! You are on the home stretch! COngratulations! One week and you are home!

  2. So THRILLED to see all the other littles :-)!!and just look@that laugh & grin from Miss Holly...counting down!!

  3. There is nothing like FAMILY and GOOD FRIENDS!!! The kids look like they haven't missed a beat!!!

  4. Wow! You are so incredibly blessed!


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