Saturday, June 21, 2014

28th Anniversary & Medical Exam~

Today Scott and I celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary here in China reminising~
One of the best days of our lives~
and Everything Beautiful that has come since that day!!!

Our day has been as good as it could be I guess since Holly had her medical exam.
Got the girls all ready for breakfast and they did pretty well eating~
Holly was amazingly brave with all the stations she went through with each doctor~
Evie was awesome waiting the two and a half hours it took to get it all done~
The hardest part was the TB blood draw but she didn't cry but a minute and was perfectly fine~
Both girls fell asleep on the way back to the hotel~
Holly's sweet hands resting on mine~
A family selfie to remember our anniversary forever.

We celebrated by eating mexican @ Tequilla's and picking up sweets on the way back.
About to put the littles to bed and enjoy a quiet coffee together.
God has blessed us big and we give Him all the glory for our love, our marriage, and our family.


  1. Glad the day was good. I love the cute tops! Happy 28th.


  2. Your wedding pictures are just beautiful and I love the pictures of the two littles together! They are precious! The tops and bows in their hair are so cute! Thinking of you all in China this morning while having my Saturday morning cup of coffee. Hugs...

  3. Happy 28th Anniversary Buddies! What a fun time you are having in China!!! Can't wait to watch her grow with all the love from your family!

  4. Happy anniversary! Bet China was nowherw on your radar 28 yrs ago. :-) Had forgotten about Tequila's! Yum!

  5. Happy Anniversary! What a way to spend it! :) Glad the medical appointment is over for you. We had to visit three times, and each time was very trying for our Miss Gracie. So glad when we were done with that part.

  6. Happy Anniversary!! Sounds like a great way to celebrate 28 years to me....a new sweetie to love, & Mexican & sweets in China YUM!!! What a treat!! Everything Beautiful once again :-)

  7. Sending a late HAPPY ANNIVERSARY shout out to you and Scott!!


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