Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Great Wall Adventure~

The morning started a smidge earlier than we would have liked {5:15... bathroom} but after a little playing and dressing, we headed down to breakfast~
We made it all the way in, picked up a couple of yogurts, and actually sat down at the table!!!
About 15 minutes into our meal, Holly needed to go to the bathroom again... up we went to the room and back down to eat.
Scott usually gets up and down getting us food. Today as he stood, Holly said Baba and we followed him everywhere he went.
We came back to the room while he ate his breakfast and Holly cried the whole time.
When he came back up, he took the girls for a walk so I could face time the sweet ones at home!!!

Helen picked us up again @ 9:30 and we headed to The Great Wall... an hour and a half drive so both girls tooks naps on the way {first ones all week}.
Holly fell asleep IN MY ARMS and let me love her on the way! Huge!!!~
Can you believe it took 5 trips to China before I had ever used a squatty potty? No prob!
We put the girls in carriers and before I knew it we were on a chair lift like a million miles in the sky and I thought I was going to die.
I could NOT open my eyes and Scott was asking me if I wanted to take some photos with the camera. 
All I could say was hold Evie tighter! DON'T LET HER FALL! I probably squeezed the breath out of Holly.
We made it to the top, got off and climbed the Wall for about 45 min to an hour... whew, most exercise I've had since my surgery. Rocked it!!! Back to my old self {or new self :}

The Great Wall was AMAZING and took our breath away once again~
Today was a huge day for Holly! I think having her in the carrier and sleeping in my arms helped with her bonding and only had two meltdowns ALL DAY!!!

Wondering how we got down? Ummmm they put us on an alpine sled and we slid down a GIANT slide holding our babies. Yes! I think we've LOST our minds. LOL

After we left the Wall, we stopped at a local Chinese restaurant and ate THE BEST Chinese I have ever had!!! The sweet and sour chicken and potato haystack was SO good.~
Made it home around 3 and just played in the room then went for a long walk~
Tonight for dinner we just got ice cream for the girls, pastries and coffee for us.
The girls are bathed and all tucked in fast asleep. Thank You Jesus for Loving us BIG today!!!
Perfect ending to a Great Wall kind of day!!!


  1. Ok, you guys are my NEW HERO'S!!! You slid down a "slide" off the GREAT WALL OF CHINA?!! I have a hard time with the giant slide at the local fair.

  2. Sharon! So excited to see you all are in China again! We were at the exact same place at the Great Wall the last time we were there and I agree about the food...was some of the best we'd eaten in China! Love seeing your girls blossom! You sound like you have a great perspective on a time that can be so trying! Praying that HE will continue to give you encouragement, wisdom, perseverance, good humor, and unity!

  3. I see a slight sparkle and a little impish grin starting to from in Holly's eyes and on her lips. Lovely!!! Little by little her heart is opening up!


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