Monday, March 31, 2014

Miss Rumphius~ {cont.}

There is just too much goodness to Miss Rumphius to row only one week so we are continuing it this week as well~

Monday is usually social studies/geography so we talked about the state of Maine and used our NEW Wonder Maps curriculum to print a map to trace and glue into our journals~ 
We located on various maps and talked about all state symbols.
I printed each a map from Wonder Maps and they chose a sharpie to trace the map's outline.
We labeled state, capital, land, and ocean plus colored them.

Next we threw in just a smidge of science~
Each folded a wet paper towel and placed in a ziploc bag.
We added 3 lima bean seeds and taped to our window.
We will be observing them over the next few days for changes...
just since this morning the seed coat is splitting and a sprout is appearing!!!
SO excited!!!

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