Saturday, March 29, 2014

Advocating for Lark~

I want to introduce you to a precious little 3 year old girl
 on Lifeline's Waiting Child list that lives with HollyMei at Handan City SWI.
If you visit the Lifeline website and find her on the China Waiting Children list, 
you can view her 6 videos to watch in which she is quite the cute dancer...
password: lark2
THIS one having a sweet snapshot of HollyMei in the red jacket!!!

She is listed as special needs: anemia and lymphocyte.

I think she is just precious and pray she will be chosen soon!

It would be my greatest JOY to see Lark's family find her!
If you feel led, you can contact Lifeline @ 205.967.0811.

Psalm 68:6
God sets the lonely in families.


  1. I asked lifeline if they would transfer to our agency as we are in process for a boy already and can not switch. We asked about her, Julie and Diana (Diana has a family now in process for her!!). They told us nope, they had families interested in them and would not share. Would love to make her our daughter. We could have either one home this summer. Some agencies will transfer, some will not. Just does not seem right when it is a shared list child and the family could get them home way sooner than a family just starting out. We are also a conservative christian family. Makes me sad. I talked to Elyse about her and Julie and Karla about Julie as I was told flat no on Lark.

  2. Watched her videos several weeks ago several times...PRECIOUS she is!!! so fun to know she is with your Holly never picked up on that being her...a cute smile she had

  3. She is precious! To the above poster, I am shocked and saddened that LL would not transfer! We are going to keep praying that this sweet one gets a family!

    Sharon, I love your blog! It's one of my happy places! So thank you for that!