Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Schooling Through the Holidays~

School was back in session today and we declared it a Christmas in front of the fire on the floor day.
For the month of December, we are changing it up a bit starting with Truth in the Tinsel every morning~
 The first year we did Tinsel I only had EK and SJ so we did the ornament crafts and had a ball.
The next year we had WP and used the pdf ornaments hanging them on indiviual trees but this year I made an executive decision we would use the paper ornaments but glue them in our journals for writing.
I printed each one the ornament this morning (actually 3 since we are starting a little late), each colored while I read the devotional and scripture, then we glued into journals and added a word {3 littles} or scripture {copywork for EK & SJ}. 
We will go through each ornament every day and tell the story of Jesus.
A low key way to celebrate Advent!

I have many Christmas books from my teaching years so we are choosing a new one each day to read and do some sort of art.
Today we read The Christmas Humbugs~
Amazon summary~
 {Christmas is coming but someone is playing tricks! Torn stockings and broken candy canes reveal that The Christmas Humbugs have arrived at this holiday home. But do not fear, lively rhymes and merry illustrations by Colleen and Michael Glenn Monroe lift spirits and let readers know that not even the Humbugs can dampen Christmas cheer.}
 We all traced parts, cut, and assembled our very Christmas Humbug then once dry they all gave me one way they would keep the Humbugs away from our home this season.
We all agreed having school in front of the fire will certainly help!

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  1. Way to go mom..we are celebrating Advent in a low key way this year too....Jesse Tree paper ornament & scripture reading...after 2 years of Truth in the Tinsel ornaments I made the executive decision to go with just paper this year too...love your journal writing idea. LOVE the humbugs!


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