Monday, December 2, 2013

A Marathon Day {Santa}~

Scott and I have days where we decide we will go BIG or just stay home... 
today was one such day~
A Marathon Day~
{Our day via Instagram}
  We left our house @ 7:30 to make WP's eye appt.
It went great and found out he definitely needs glasses
{ready sometime next week}.
Let me just say he is going to look adorable!!!
 Then we made our way on to Immigration for our fingerprint appt.
Scott, myself, Amelia, and Rosie all had to get them taken so we declared it our Christmas Tradition Day of...
Santa, Pink Pig, a little shopping, and Maggiano's!

After fingerprinting we were all starving so decided Maggiano's would be our lunch.
SO delish and then on to Lenox for the highlight of our Marathon Day!

Our first highlight was Santa and we all geared up for the fear Evie would experience when she saw Santa.
THAT did NOT happen... she blew our mind!
Marched right up to him with a big smile and climbed right into his lap.
So did Payne: their FIRST Santa visit... Priceless~
 At one point she reached up and gently touched his beard.
Everyone did so well sharing what they wanted for Christmas
and I LOVED that A&R were ok jumping in the photo too~
When we were all done and walking away, Evie had a little fit saying, "My baby, my baby!"
She had told Santa she wanted a baby for Christmas and thought he would give it to her right away.
She was fine once we explained he would bring it to her on the sleigh with the reindeer!

Moving on to our Pink Pig ride~
 It was a big hit too and thank you Rosie for riding with them!!!
Icing on the cake~
Savannah met us @ Chick-fil-A for a quick ice cream dinner on our way home.
Saw all my children again today... the BEST kind of day.
A Marathon Day!


  1. Great day! Love the pictures. Are Ameila and Rosie going with you and Scott to China? I hope little Evie gets to tag along with you!

  2. I bet Santa hasn't ever seen such an adorable group of children before!

  3. Such a FUN day!! LOVE Santa's lime green chair. Can't wait to see WP in those gorgeous specs.....


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