Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Date Night~

While almost ALL of my Christmas shopping was done online, Scott and I had a few last minute things to get 
{stocking stuffers} 
so what else to do besides Date Night in Greenville?~
 {Funny story~ We were in the restaurant taking our selfie and the waiter walks by to say Instagram? Busted. LOL}
Date night is only possible because of one AMAZING 18 year old, Rosie, able to love on 5 littles, make dinner, do the bedtime routine, and have all 5 sound asleep on time!
Hey Rosie~ Thanks for loving your mom and dad SO well that we're able to recharge to love you all right back.
Date night is an occasional splurge but very healthy for a strong marriage.


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  2. Totally agree! We also try to sneak in date night here and there.
    Blessings from VA

  3. Oh so fun!!! Just thinking this morning before your post how we could use a sitter about now for a Date Night and get a few things finished up (birthday rather than Christmas).You are blessed to have one right in your home!! It is hard for me to call up a friend to keep the girls most of the time. Glad you got away!

  4. I get busted quite often with instagram posts...lol