Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Tree Game & {GLITTER}~

Twitter is sometimes my best friend as I follow lots of homeschool moms and bloggers and they post great ideas.
I happened upon a great one this morning and added it to our morning plans.
I chose two books to read today:
In order to relate them to our game for the day we decided the juggling balls were like Christmas ornaments in The Clown of God and relation to other book to come.
I printed everyone a Christmas Tree sheet and grabbed small wooden cubes/smelly markers~
 Each one made their own color die using cube and markers then they rolled to color ornaments/gifts.
Just something more fun about coloring with smelly markers.
I had the big two complete the math section on their own and did individually with the boys {EC only named her colors}.

You should have seen their faces when I had them bubble cut around the tree/gifts and glue into their journals...
THEN I showed them the GLITTER. :)
Evie lit up like a Christmas tree!

In Cobweb Christmas, spiders decorate the old woman's tree with webs and it glistens like tinsel.
I had each one swirl glue {webs} all over their trees~
and sprinkle glitter all over {with close supervision} their tree.
They are dry and here they are~
 They LOVE them and are forever tucked in their journals
{so they can rub their fingers on them every time they open their journals and I can find glitter all over the floor :)
I mean cherish them always.
{Disclaimer: the smelly markers are NOT washable}
so today when I take Rosie to dr, all my littles will have marker stains all over their hands because it will not come off and they look like ragamuffins. :)
All for a great day's fun!!!

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  1. Beautiful and LOVED yesterday's trees too! FUN FUN! oh & they will still be the cutest little "ragamuffins" around!!