Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Cranberry Christmas~

Today our selection was Cranberry Christmas and just like our Thanksgiving one, it is one of favs.
They especially loved the page of Mr. Whiskers Christmas tree decorated with shells~
 Yesterday I pinned a cute Christmas tree craft and thought I might use it sometime... today!
They loved the Christmas tree page so much I knew we would make our own.
I hot glued three craft sticks into triangles with a brown one for trunk.
They crumbled green tissue paper squares and glued to three sides.
We added colored pieces for ornaments and it just so happens I picked up a jar of sequins this weekend...
there were SHELLS in there!
Made 5 littles super happy!

As they dried on the table, I had an idea to add their photos to make them super sweet for years to come~
They are going to have a fit when they see them hanging on the tree after rest!!!~
Easy and cute!!! My kind of craft!!!

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