Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday {Pumpkin Carving Day}~

Today we took a field trip through the book A Day at the Pumpkin Patch and learned all about the pumpkin life cycle.
After all our regular school stuff was done,
we headed out to carve our pumpkin~
 Everyone tried to pick it up but just couldn't do it.
We weighed it and would you believe it weighed exactly the same as Evie? Ha

Next we labeled the parts we could see: stem, rind, ribs, and blossom end. Next we measured how tall it was and also the stem. We estimated the number of ribs then counted. EK measured the circumference too~
 Then it was time to start the carving...
we cut the lid and everyone dug in {except Evie who kept saying oooo because of the smell} and Payne decided it was ok after a little while watching.
EK has been learning about adjectives in language so we made a list of describing words as we pulled out the pulp/seeds.
SO much fun separating the seeds so we could bake/eat later!
We made a list of possible faces... Evie was the deciding vote of Happy~
 She did not come near us much as we cleaned but was very curious once the face started to take form.
She even pulled out the nose {Huge courage!}.
We named him Jacko, made our pic, and came in to bake the seeds.
EVERYONE {big deal} LOVED them!!!
Wonderful Wednesday~ Our Jack-o-lantern is ready for Halloween!!!

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