Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Portraits~

Last night Rosie and her friends dressed up like Biker Girls and headed to Fuse @ NewSpring for worship~

As I shot photos of the littles this morning, I began to think back to all the Halloweens with the Bigs.
Couldn't stand it so went up and grabbed their albums to have a little TBT fun~
 What precious memories!!!
Remember all these fun times Big Girls???

I decided I would incorporate our Halloween Portraits into our day instead of fight the excitement.
A group was my first shots~
 When EK spotted an adorable basket with little dog inside at Target, her mind was made up to be Dorothy~
 SJ is in love with all things Unicorns and Alicorns thus her adorable costume~
 Payne really likes the show Mike the Knight so I ordered his costume 
and book {The Knight and the Dragon} from Amazon~
 WP is crazy about Jake and the Neverland Pirates and I think he makes a pretty cute Jake~
 I'm pretty sure all the girls have been a Ladybug at one time or another and isn't this the cutest one ever?~
I'm thankful to have these photos done so we can concentrate on trick or treating tonight~
 Oh... and the candy!!!
Happy Halloween!!!


  1. I wish I did that! By the time we went trick or treating, they kids were too excited for me to get good photos!

  2. so cute. every one of them! xo ellie