Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Today we were very happy to have Addie over for a little playdate~
Amy joked we could practice what it will be like when Abby comes home... 
was pretty awesome as everyone paired off to play!

Since we were already outside when Addie went home, 
I thought it would be a great day to bring our journals out~
I want to share what our journals hold as they are actually treasure books for me as a mom and teacher.
Some of you may have heard the term 'Notebooking' where students write, draw, collect info, etc about a particular topic.
We actually did some that last year and kept in binders.
To say the least it was very tedious making copies, hole punching, and adding to a binder... just a whole bunch of paper.

We have also used Journals in the past but only wrote stories in them... this year I got just a little more organized (smarter) and are using them for everything except our art work.

Each child has their own journal that we work in every day. I say 'work' because we use it for lots of various reasons.
I am going to share a few pages out of everyone's journal to give an idea of what this little 'treasure' book holds!

~Copywork and dictation
~Poetry Notebook
~Social Studies writing
~Notebooking page that we glue right into the journal
~Today we all wrote Nature stories... EK's was about spiders

 ~Science Writing
~Work with her Bob Books
~She goes anywhere in the house each day and draws a picture of whatever then we write the words together
~More Bob Books work
~Two stories she has written in last two days

PC and WP~

~Both boys trace their name and tell me the letters each day
~copy numbers or shapes
~Begun working on some patterning
~Today they both drew (EK drew for WP), they colored, and dictated what they wanted me to write. WP went back and traced the words.

(I do not stress at all about what she does... sometimes she follows directions and sometime no... it is her stage and I LOVE it!)
~Tracing name and coloring in shapes
~Cutting and gluing
~Tracing shapes with tracers
~Today she told me what to draw and I did then she colored. :)

Hope you can see why I hold these books as my treasures and what a cinch to store at the end of the year rather than a big binder.
We LOVE our journals!!!


  1. We just started our journals today, and I love your ideas! There's nothing like experience and trial/error to figure out what works best! I bought Melina a small, blank book a couple years ago, and there aren't many keepsakes more precious than the pictures & stories in that little book. Unfortunately, I didn't remember to have her use it as often as I'd have liked, so I'm hoping to make journals more of a regular part of our week this school year. ~Jackie

  2. I love your blog and I love this idea! Thank you for sharing! It is great to see how you can use this for different levels and abilities.

  3. Love and appreciate your homeschool glimpses. Simple, yes!!