Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Trampoline~

Most days weather permitting after rest and snack we go outside for some playtime.
Today we were all in the backyard and 4 of the kids were on the trampoline.
Evie and I were playing t ball when she noticed how much fun they were having and asked to get on the trampoline.
She was terrified at first of falling through but I held her hands for a little while and EK took over~
Within just a few minutes she LOVED it~
 Playing duck duck goose just like the big kids~
LOVE beautiful afternoons making memories together!!!


  1. Miss Holly still has trouble stabilizing on the trampoline if anyone else is on it & only likes it by WAY TO GO EC so fun!!

  2. We use to have a trampoline and the children use to have so much fun on it! Glad she is becoming more confident! Yahoo!

  3. Before you know it, that baby will be showing the new baby how to jump :)