Monday, May 13, 2013

More John Deere~

I grew up on a farm in the same house my parent's still live in today~
 They {along with my brother Jason} still run the dairy farm and raise crops to feed the cows. Their house is surrounded by farm land. It takes lots of big equipment to farm the land. I had mentioned to Jason about giving the kids a ride in the tractor and today was the day! He is planting corn right next to my parents' house~

 SO beautiful this time of year... everything new and growing!
The big girls went for a ride first~
 They LOVED it!!! Then the boys... Payne was beside himself with excitement~
I'm pretty sure they honked the horn about 1000 times.
Evie didn't want any part of getting in that big tractor.  
We had a little play time on all the riding toys memommy has at her house~
AND Pop gave EK a snake skin he found UNDER their house! Yikes~ 
This just about thrilled EK beyond words and she has spent this afternoon researching king snakes. She wrote in her journal about them and even taped in part of the snake skin.

Today when we drove away from the farm I was awe struck at the awesome legacy daddy has given Jason and now he gives to our children~
Thank you Daddy and Jason for being the amazing men you are to our family. 

If you haven't watched this video, it is worth your time...
 Farmers Tribute: So God Made A Farmer. Paul Harvey

(Mama and Amy~ please make sure Daddy and Jason watch this! They are our heros and we LOVE them without measure!!!) 


  1. After watching the video I am exhausted. Thankful for farmers, but grateful I am not one though I wouldn't mind having a garden if we could get our yard fenced against the deer. Do you guys have a garden because I can imagine the little having a ton of fun tending to it!

  2. As fellow dairy farmers it's always fun to see others sharing our crazy lifestyle. :) Paul Harvey's tribute is appreciated. Too many people don't realize how smart and hard working a person has to be to successfully farm.
    I also have a John Deere boy. He wasn't very happy when daddy bought a New Holland just recently. :-P

  3. Such a peaceful looking place to live! Raised my babies on the farm too(row crop). No better life than farm life! So many important life lessons can be learned on the farm.