Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Date Night~

First date just us since before China~
 Beautiful Night for dinner on the patio!!!
Much needed and much enjoyed!!


  1. Yeah! So glad I didn't call you then tonight and interrupt your date. I wanted to pick your brain on the idea of developmental delay. There might be a chance to look at a little girls file. She had a heart condition that is repaired, is three, and is not walking. It looks like they are trying to get her to walk now, but as of two weeks ago she still couldn't walk. She can stand with assistance. She talks but isn't talking sentences. This is my theory or at least my wishful thinking,I think because of her heart condition they may not have invested as much into her and therefore she didn't get to walk. They don't mention anything about brain trauma or damage, so I don't see any reason why she would not be walking. It seems rather unusual though that at her age she isn't walking when I compare to my son who has a worst heart condition. Didn't you say that when you get a three year old that you should really expect to be getting an 18 month old. Something in my heart tells me everything will be OK, but am I being naïve. It is possible that we will not get a chance to look at her file if the couple ahead of us takes her, but I thought I would do some investigation beforehand.

  2. Whooo hoooo! I bet you enjoyed your night out!

  3. Yeah for date night!!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday to your sweet boy too!!!!!! and Happy Anniversary to your daughter and Happy Prom!!!!!! You are one busy mama. :)Love that you find Joy in the Journey.

  4. GOOD for You!!! I'm sure it refreshed your soul!!Blessings!