Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sandy Creek Nature Center~

Today we went with Amy, Max, and Addie to the Sandy Creek Nature Center for a field trip~
 It was the perfect outing for spring and all the things we have been studying in school~
 It was not crowded at all and there were lots of hands on activities to do. All the cousins loved being together as well as me/Amy/Amelia~
 We spent about an hour and a half inside then ventured out on a boardwalk trail through the woods. We were able to find a huge patch of poison ivy and they were amazed!!! It was a really beautiful and warm day making us all very hungry so we enjoyed a yummy lunch together too.
We are already looking forward to our next outing with the Martins!!!


  1. This place looks like a perfect place to hang out and play and learn! How fun!

  2. Field Trip are the BEST!!So glad you had some adult company...a beautiful day! Blessings on you birthday boy tomorrow and I know your Mother's Day will be grand!!!

  3. We had so much fun with you guys! I thought it was a neat place and a bonus that it was free! Thx for coming!