Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Early Birthday Gift~

Payne Curtis will turn 5! on Saturday and he is having a John Deere party! I mentioned to Scott we might build him/sibs a sandbox in which to play tractors/many other toys. Last night he and Amelia ran to Home Depot and came home with all the materials~
 With everything unloaded, he began sawing the sides and nailing it together. Amelia and I added the sand then 5 littles dove right in~

 And played and played and played~
even until dark and only pulled themselves away with a promise that we would come right back out after rest tomorrow.
Can't wait to see him Saturday as he as been singing happy birthday to himself ever since Evie and I had our birthdays. :)
Today is also a beautiful day for Savannah and Josh~
    They have been married for 2 years and couldn't be happier.
One of the reasons I love our house so much is the memories of Savannah's wedding day right out in front of our house and reception out back. A dream come true for all of us!!!

And speaking of dreams come true... just look at this sweet Lily Hope~
A precious blessing to everyone watching this dream unfold!


  1. Nothing better than new sand between the toes!

  2. Sandboxes are the best! Cute pictures of the littles!

    Happy anniversary to the happy couple! Their wedding was sooo pretty!

    So excited for your friend and her family!

  3. I love the videos! are so joyful! your family is wonderful

  4. Don't you just love them singing "I'm at the beach"! They never forget how fun it is.....and that little box of sand just thrills their souls! A grand time is in store...enjoy, put your feet in and play away!!!!