Wednesday, March 27, 2013

EllaKate Day~ 7 Years!

How do 7 years pass so quickly?
Loving a precious child... that's how~
SO amazing that 7 years ago
our beautiful, beautiful EK became our daughter~
 and I began this blog.
 There is no place this amazing little girl would rather be than outside playing, climbing trees, running with her dogs, and anything else she finds to do.
Can't image my life without this beautiful one... smart, funny, big heart, loves animals, artsy, joyful, serious, caring, helpful... well you get the message. A blessing beyond measure!!!
My friend Sheryl Brewer created this video for us not long after we brought EK home... it is only part of it but brings Tears every time!!!~ 

Lots of people tell often how wonderful we are to have adopted EK and her siblings... how amazing that we rescued them... how blessed they are to be in our family... BUT can I just say.!.!.!???
EK and her siblings are some of greatest blessings and gifts!
They actually rescued US from our own selfish lives!
WE are blessed because of them!
They have taught us more about God's love and Jesus' grace/mercy than any sermon or Bible study ever could have.  
I shiver at the thought of missing out on this amazing journey God has us on.
Dear EllaKate~
There are no words for how much we love and adore you. You amaze us every day. Our greatest prayer for you is the day you give your life and purpose to Christ and then to watch His will unfold
The LORD bless you and keep you;
the LORD make his face shine on you and be gracious to you;
the LORD turn his face toward you and give you peace.
Numbers 6:24-6
In His Name we ask blessing on you!
Love Mommy and Daddy 


  1. Oh! So very, very beautiful. I am thankful God gave the gift of Ella Kate to you. What a blessing it must be to be her mama.

  2. Sharon...Thank you for sharing this precious, precious video! Would love to see all of it!
    The excitement from your girls was just too cute! The comment "has your water broke?" made me giggle out loud. The joy that all of you radiated that day definitely show's God's Love for all of us :)
    What a lovely, beautiful family you have been blessed with.
    Happy Ella Kate day!
    Karen in CO

  3. Sharon - Love the excitement of your big girls. Such a precious video . . . made me cry. Now my middle boy wants to go adopt 10 little Chinese blessings. He has to go work on his dad and I am all for it.

    Thanks for sharing your sweet family.

  4. Making that video for your sweet family was the greatest honor. I cried a million happy tears for all of you and the obvious joy that EK brought to each of you. She really did go right into your arms like a fairy tale with no fear or grieving. She KNEW immediately that she was surrounded by the most amazing and beautiful love of your precious family. Call me next time you are headed to MOG.

  5. I think that was the most beautiful adoption video that I have ever seen! Happy EK day!! She is a beautiful beautiful girl!!

  6. Oh Shay. Tears for sure! That video is priceless! 7 years-wow!

  7. Happy 7 years in your FOREVER FAMILY Miss EllaKate!!! I absolutely love the video - watched it through the tears...can't wait for that to be our family someday!!!

    Blessings to you all! Ashley

  8. That was just beautiful!!! I cried the whole 13 minutes. Adoption is such a wonderful thing and it has made so many families complete. Thanks for sharing this:)

  9. Happy Forever Family day!!!! She is so beautiful!

  10. Oh my word! That is one of my favorite Gotcha Day videos ever! I love, love, love how the bigs were such a "big" part of your adoption story! What a happy, happy day! You are one blessed mama!

  11. Happy Forever Family Day!
    Thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures of your sweet daughter, she's precious and her smile lights up the day! I can see EK is so loved and has blessed your family beyond measure!

  12. We love reading your story! Your family is a precious blessing!

  13. This post gave me chills and brought me to tears! So sweet! Two of my students families are trying to adopt. One leaves tomorrow for their journey to China. Another one is still going through the process. I have them your blog to read and I hope they get a chance to see this post:)

  14. I could not watch this without tears streaming down my face! What a blessing to your family she is, as are the four little ones that have come after her.