Thursday, March 28, 2013

Time is Love~

Yesterday was EK Day and she was the focus of the day...
choosing meals, order of school activities, and waiting for a little surprise to arrive at our door.
I finally checked tracking about 5pm and discovered it had been waiting in our mailbox all day.
She tore off to get it right away and was thrilled to open Scaredy Squirrel/ book~
   Chinese was the choice for dinner so dad brought it home!
We ate, sang Happy EllaKate Day, and made a wish on a Great Wall of Chocolate dessert. 
Last night after I had tucked her in and she called down the stairs to say...
"Mom, thanks for the best day ever"!

That was the greatest thing I could have wished to hear... 
nothing spectacular about the day.
Time is Love... plain and simple.     


  1. Happy Ella Kate Day!!! What a beautiful testimony of God's love and faithfulness!!!

  2. A beautiful day for a beautiful little girl! Love the photo of her with her piece of cake.

  3. Such a sweet day and beautiful words. You are so right Sharon time is love. You are such a great mom. blessings