Sunday, September 30, 2018

September Family Memories~

We spent Labor Day out on the boat tubing, riding, and enjoying a beautiful day~

These skies of white puffy clouds are my favorite~

Later in the afternoon, I noticed the kids down on the trampoline and wondered what SJ could be telling them. She is quite the storyteller! I love this photo of Ella and Sadie~

One night I heard a huge crash in the middle of the night. We had noticed a tree leaning down near the bridge, and it was confirmed when we went down to the dock to check~

The tree fell over the bridge and broke the sides but bridge was still sound. Scott cleaned all the branches and now we only need to repair the sides~

SJ organized a book club one evening complete with a sign and invitations~

We are a Falcons fan family so for the first game, we made tshirts for the game~

Evie has a new little pet named Ginger that is weighted, and it helps her sit and focus. Amazing really!

Saturdays are often the day we all get out to work in our yard. I was able to snap this photo of Scott pulling on his boots for a full day. We cleaned gutters and pressure washed windows then put out pine straw~

When the mailman delivered, he made Evie SO happy because she received a letter from Memommy! If there was ever a doubt that letter writing is a lost art... you should write to your grandmother! They will make believers out of you~

On Sunday we had everyone here for lunch to see Jessica and meet her precious baby Brooklyn. It was such a wonderful family reunion~

We loved having the boys here too~

Marshall got to stay the whole week, and we loved on him like crazy~

He even went with us to Scott's Grand Opening at Harli's Way in Hartwell~
 It is a neighborhood with a couple of houses which Millstone Homes will be building in. It was such a wonderful day~

 We could NOT be prouder of Hayden! He went right to the Police Academy for 11 weeks after graduating UGA. We were invited to his graduation again~

After the ceremony, he was sworn in right on the spot and ready to begin work on Monday~

Such a cute couple~

The next day we loaded up and headed to the beach for a vacation~

There is not a more beautiful place to be than at the beach in the fall~

We spent the days out on the beach looking for treasures and jumping waves~

We ate lunches on the balcony~

We even had a visitor for a few days... SISSY~

We got to fish with a nice man there staying in his condo for two months, Mr. Ricky~

We dug lots of holes and read lots of books~

I LOVE watching the kids spread out and do their own thing~

Sissy helped them build a great sandcastle fort~

Playing together and keeping each other safe was priority for these three~

We went out to eat every night and Sissy treated up to ice cream one night at the pier~

Not a dog walked by that we didn't try to pet~

The flowers were beautiful and the sunrises glorious~

The tide pools were full of hermit crabs and our children~

Our big kids were SO glad to welcome up back home~

Hayden came by to show us his cool Sheriff's car~

He's pretty much a rockstar around here~

Be safe on the roads Hayden~
We love you a lot!!!

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