Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentine's Day & Chinese New Year~

Our day of love began with love notes from dad all over the house~

I didn't really have anything special planned but with a little creative juices flowing, we made heart toast with pink jelly~
And wrote loved notes on their plates.
 We made love potion milk and ate chocolate roses from Mimi & Logan~

Everyone had a morning of playing while listening to stories~

For lunch I wrote love notes plates again and we read this sweet book together~

We decided to celebrate CNY too with PF Changs for dinner~

Scott and I were SO happy to get a new hot water heater for Valentine's Day and the kids loved it too because of the box~

The kids got red envelopes with a blizzard coupon inside and I took a photo of them with the Year of the Dog Macy~
Celebrations are our favorite and we had a ball!

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