Wednesday, February 14, 2018

President's Day & Valentine's Day~

Learning at home allows us to learn and celebrate all kinds of wonderful things together!
February is one month we get to do that a lot.
We celebrated Lincoln's birthday with lots of books, sketching, and personal story from Mimi~
 We counted money and built with Lincoln logs!
 A day of unit study is often just what we need to break up the hum drum.

For Valentine's Day we all made Valentine's cards for Daddy
and read the greatest love letter to us The Bible (which we do everyday but it was the perfect time to talk about Our Father's Love for us!)~
 The kids and I highlight in our bibles at least once a week.
They LOVE finding them when having their quiet time and rereading.
What better book to practice reading with than the Bible!!!

We also made mailboxes from paper plates and hung them on our kitchen chair.
It sparked a letter writing frenzy and we went with it!
Let's get them writing any way we can~

We also read The Jolly Postman (a favorite when I taught school) and a favorite now~
Holiday celebrating can be as simple as writing sweet love notes on paper plates at lunch!
All that's necessary is a willing heart to make it happen.

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