Saturday, February 3, 2018

Two Birthdays~

Evie and I share a birthday and I still remember the day I saw her face amidst a thousand faces knowing she was my daughter! When I saw her birthday, I knew it was sign from God she was our's. It was going to take a miracle because we had already said yes to a little boy SO now we would bring home 2!!!

She wanted to make her own birthday cake so we whipped up a chocolate pound cake~
 And made our own icing~
 AND! I got the glass cabinets I had been wanting~

Evie loved opening her gifts as people wished her a happy birthday.
Rosie gave her an AG salon chair (dad called it a beauty chair:)~

Her birthday breakfast was a delicious donut and mine a big muffin~
 She had asked for one thing... a big stuffed dog which she named Bojangle
and we dedicated the letter board to her~

We celebrated with family and she got more AG clothes!!!

Mimi and Nan gave me these beautiful bowls and Dad/Rosie gave me clothes and jewelry~

It was fun to have cousins over and they made cute tutus for their dolls~

Opening more gifts was SO fun~
 And birthday cake eating!!!~

The next day everyone played with gifts strategically planned so that everyone~
would have something to enjoy during our school time!
Evie and I had a wonderful birthday together!!!

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