Saturday, January 27, 2018


Today 12 years ago we saw this baby face for the first time and our hearts were forever changed~

We all stayed home from work and school to wait to see her.
She's grown into a beautiful almost teenager and just look what makes her excited...

About 3 months ago a beautiful cardinal flew into our sunroom window and died.
EK had been wanting to find a skeleton of some kind so I suggested we put the bird into a container and wait for it to decompose. So we did.

We researched and went through lots of steps to get it to the skeleton stage.
Today she came to the final stage of taking it out and cleaning it for her nature shelf. Armed in surgical gloves and an exacto knife, she went to work~

Finally done, we let it dry out in the sun while she taught all the sibs the bones~

Then we placed it in a jar for our bird shelf of nests and feathers~
 Such an awesome project from beginning to display.

 AND the hammock girls~

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