Friday, February 16, 2018

Math & Writing~

I have been a long time fan of Math U See but I was beginning to see a dread of math and knew it was time for a change.

I didn't do it subtly either.
I ditched it for everyone and switched to Math Lessons for a Living Education
and I can NOT love it more!
What's even better??? My kids don't hate math anymore.
I looked over the placement tests with each child in mind and chose a place to start.
We have 4 levels going right now with EK and SJ pretty independent.
I haven't started Calla yet and just let her play along with what everyone else is doing.
Below is an example of why I love it SO much!
There are real life stories to read together connecting life and math.
This story talked about the family's baby being weighed at the dr... something they have all experienced then it gave them a project of weighing all kinds of things around the house~
They went was over the original project and we even created our own game from it but the point is, the children are enjoying every part of it!

The main thing I have noticed about this change:
Math has become such a natural part of our life now.
The children recognize when something in our daily life connects to something we did in math.
Their overall understanding and ownership of math concepts has skyrocketed!
I can not recommend this highly enough!

And this little girl!
She is SO inspired by her siblings on a daily basis.
The sketch you see to the right of her was drawn by SJ and it inspired little bit to grab her journal and sketch too~
 We find her drawing all the time while Macy sits close by~
Writing and Math are definitely two of our favorite things right now!

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