Friday, May 5, 2017

Math U See and Free Write Friday~

Math U See is the only spine we have continued to use since we started schooling at home.
We have four different levels going this year, and it's really not that overwhelming.

Ek and SJ are in their own levels, the boys are both Alpha, and little girls are in Primer (Calla won't start for a while).

Have you heard the saying~ 'Eat the Frog First'? Well Math is our Frog. Not because they don't like it but because it most resembles busy work. Math U See has been our one spine we haven't wavered from ~ it works, they're independent and learning. So straight from breakfast we come to desks and 'Eat the frog'. If it works, stay the course. 

When a new lesson is started, the children watch their video and work on a page per day throughout the week.
Sometimes they even do two sections a day.

Math had been tricky for Holly but with time and patience, she is catching on.
I have found using items around the house for counting and addition makes all the difference for her~

I have purposefully not rushed them to at a certain level by a particular age and
I believe when they say math is SO easy...
It means~ I am right where I need to be and I am learning at my own pace.

Speaking of their own pace~

Every week we set the timer for five minutes and they always write more.
Why? Because they have a goal. 
A self chosen goal. 
Not something I imposed on them.
Then they count their words, compare to last week, hoping its more.
The point I'm making is~ When our children OWN their goals, they have OWNership of their learning.
Today SJ was short on words SO she reread and decided what to add. We even wrote a list of short words to edit.
Successful in their eyes so it certainly was in mine!

Here are our writings today~

Good job kiddos!!!

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