Thursday, May 4, 2017

Tree Frogs~

Every night we are amazed at how loud the tree frogs sing around our house
and just yesterday EK wished she could see them.
This morning when she went to the skimmer, she was able to rescue a common tree frog~

She created a terrarium for him so she could bring him in for observation~

 Everyone scattered to find the magnifying glass~
 And lots of our favorite nature books~
 Found specific pages to gather information and read~
 Then we watched a frog drawing YouTube video~
 and drew in our Nature Journals~
Seriously! Rabbit trails are just what keeps the spark alive when schooling.
Tree Frogs today!!!

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  1. Good Morning! I found your lovely blog while searching for information about Charlotte Mason picture studies. I have so enjoyed my reading here. I, like you, have quite a range of ages in my sweet and busy family. My oldest is grown and married. I have one in college and one entering his final year of high school. Then I have my nine year old, a lively little exclamation point at the end of our family, and the adorable reason I get to keep doing what I love most....homeschooling and reading great books aloud! We are wrapping up our 18th year of homeschool.

    As the years go by (and the gray hairs abound), I find myself embracing the pace and ideals of Charlotte Mason more and more. Oh how I wish my younger self could have relaxed a little more and found some confidence in the "joy" of homeschooling so my older kids could have benefited from my current passion for lighting a fire and not just reaching the end of a teacher's manual! Ahhh.....seasons of life!

    I am currently hunting and gathering for next school year. I want to incorporate more nature journaling and picture study into our routine. We have always done a loose form of both, but I'd like to be more intentional about it for my little nature enthusiast who is never without her Prismacolors. ;-) I found some great ideas for books here, but if you have any specific favorites or additional words of wisdom, I would be grateful.

    You have a beautiful family. I loved seeing them crowded around nature journals, creating sweet masterpieces. I love your sunroom, flooded with natural light that begs for little explorers to enter in. Oh what we would give to find a frog in our yard! What a treasure! Keep rabbit trailing. What a great and clever God we serve who disguises learning as nature. ;-)

    Blessings on your week.
    Brooke from Texas


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