Sunday, April 23, 2017

Life Lately~

After Easter photo shoot, Evie attached her little play camera to my tripod
and took her own photos~

 Savannah knows I love daily photos of the boys... just look at adorable Marshall~

New obsession at the pool is blowing bubbles~

We had a death in our family and my aunt/uncle came for a visit... see who showed out?~

I needed to drop off something at a lady's home from our church,
and she invited us in for refreshments then a walk down to the lake~

Friday after a few school items, we spent the rest of the day playing, reading~

and working in the backyard~
 We transplanted many plants and put out tomato plants~
 Worked poor Scotty to exhaustion but our yard looks SO much better~

Lots of celebrations for our big girls:
Savannah and Josh celebrated Marshall turning 2 months.
Amelia and Logan celebrated 6 months of marriage.
Rosemary celebrated Hayden's 21st birthday~

We had a terrible thunderstorm one morning and Calla climbed right into Will's arms~
AND Evie decided she was tired of a big wiggly molar so she pulled it right out herself!
That's a week of Life Lately!

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