Monday, November 21, 2016

A New Truck~

You might remember we test drove the Nissan NV and liked it but decided it was too much vehicle for our family right now.
Our old 2005 Yukon XL was falling apart with no air or heat and rattled horribly.
We decided to find a used 'new to us' truck like we already had and found this white Suburban~
 In the old truck, we had added a Little Passenger Seat to the back for extra seating and only had to order a new installation kit to reinstall.
Can't recommend this company more for their customer service in shipping our kit on a Friday and us receiving it on Monday!
That afternoon, Scott and I spent an hour and half reinstalling~
 With a little help from our kiddos, then we were back in business and took our first ride with everyone in tow~
We love our Little Passenger Seat and our new Suburban named Sug!

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