Monday, November 21, 2016

Sparkle Jars~

I have never been a chore chart person because it is just something else to keep up with but I am finding without a system, most of the housework is falling on me.
NOT good! Can't do it all.
I saw an IG post of someone using sticks for chores and threw my own spin on it.

I wrote initials on one end and a check on the other along with 5-6 chores for each dynamic duo~
 Then I placed them in a Sparkle Jar representing out our house (when clean) sparkles~
 They are to pick as a team one chore each day to complete then flip the stick to checked~
At the end of the week if all sticks are checked, they have the weekend off and earn their weekend movie!
So far, it is working like a charm and I have less work on myself.
AND I am raising responsible little humans to be successful adults!!!

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